Rumors about Lindsay Lohan fired from ‘The Masked Singer’ denied by the Actress and Director of the show

Local magazine New Idea has reported on Lindsay Lohan being asked to let go of her current role on the Australian show, Masked Singer Australia. Perez Hilton even stated that she had been fired from her current gig as a judge in The Masked Singer.

Although it’s not a huge surprise since her performance as a judge on the TV show suffered, given that she is not particularly familiar with Australian culture. In the show, minor celebrities perform in absurd costumes, and the judges guess their identity. The very first episode with the large unmasked octopus was undetectable for Lindsay. She was clueless about Gretel Kileen, host of Big Brother Australia and actress in the Sydney production of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Only an awkward smile and a detectable shrug were followed on her co-host’s shriek.

The Masked Singer clearly thought her A-list status and American appeal would be a worthy risk at her total lack of qualification to be a judge in an Australian show. Since an absurd stare as Bret Lee, Nikki Webster, and Wendell Sailor might hit hard on the drive ratings when gone viral.


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An anonymous source informed Aussie tabloid New Idea on Lindsay being replaced. Since she was tricky with her demands and he doesn’t have any respect for time schedules. After Jackie O seemed to accuse her of being on long lunch breaks keeping productions on hold, Lindsay got into conflict with one of her co-hosts, denying the allegations.

On Thursday, Lindsay closed the door to the recently circulating rumors providing clarity of her return as a judge on the competition series next season The Masked Singer. Lindsay exclusively opened up saying,

‘I plan on doing season two. I love the Masked Singer Australia, my fellow judges, and [Channel 10]. Don’t believe the lies.’

Her fellow judge Dave Hughes has also denied the rumors on Lindsay, leaving the program, stating that he really enjoys working with her.

‘was an absolute pleasure to work with and will be on the second series.’

In case the rumors are true, Lindsay will be missed!
Recently Lindsay Lohan debuted a very literal social anxiety anthem in IGTV, Xanax. Not streaming yet, but hopefully, her genuinely catchy single will be soon on edge. She also shared her plans on writing a new TV show starring her family, the Lohans!