Prince Harry following Mom Princess Diana’s footsteps visited Angola Landmine Field

Prince Harry finds it quite emotional while tracing through his mother’s path while walking down the street Friday without any protective gear. In 1997, Princess Diana was photographed walking down the same yet difficult path, clearing the landmines into a humanitarian issue. A flak jacket and protective mask were used as a cover while she stepped down the land of an active minefield. He starred at the schools, businesses, and homes that used to be an empty space during his mother’s time, now filling the busy area.

“It has been quite emotional retracing my mother’s steps along this street 22 years on. And to see the transformation that has taken place, from an unsafe and desolate area into a vibrant community of local businesses and colleges.”

Diana and Harry are working with the Angolan government to make the country landmine free by 2025, as reported by the Halo Trust. Hosted by U.K. charity, this difficult step towards the welfare of humanity involves risky tasks, and Harry displayed the sense of pride he feels due to the transformation. Angola is still home to hundreds of thousands of landmines who considers Harry’s visit is another tectonic movement, after Diana, 22 years ago.


“The work of de-mining is dangerous, expensive and laborious and I have the upmost admiration and respect for all who do this hazardous work and risk their lives in service to their country,” he said. “I am incredibly proud, as a I know my mother would have been, with the role that the United Kingdom has played in this transformation.”

During its 27-year civil war, landmines became an unhealed scar of war, that ended in 2002. Detonating a mine and unveiled an initiative to clear 153 minefields in two of Angola’s national parks he brought peace to the community.

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The Duke of Sussex’s arrival Friday gathered a huge crowd to see their savior Prince Harry and also been greeted by the same official, Gov. Joana Lina, who was the official host for Princess Diana’s visit when he arrived in Huambo.

Once the dirt path has changed, it’s landscape into clean streets exhibiting a classic example of development for regions, post-war effects, around the world.