Liam Hemsworth & Katie Holmes dating rumors after split up with Miley Cyrus & Jamie Foxx? Breakdown of Viral rumour!

Sources recently aired the news of Liam Hemsworth dating Katie Holmes, after getting separated from individual partners. But the truth behind it is still unclear.

August 10 announced the separation of Miley Cyrus with her husband, Liam Hemsworth, within a year of marriage. A ship in the hole and it sinks; so did their’s with divorce being filed on August 21. While Hemsworth brothers are hanging out, and the actor is trying to keep a low profile, the singer is busy with her new single called “Don’t Call Me Angel” alongside Lana Del Rey and Ariana Grande, which is currently #1 on youtube, iTunes/music video chart, & trending on twitter, confirming on moving on with their lives on August 23.

On the other hand, the classic Hollywood couple Foxx and Katie Holmes were last spotted in Pre Grammy Gala’s to Grammy’s, till they got engaged in late 2018 before things went awry.  They have kept a low profile from the very start of their dating scene six years back. Katie’s daughter also considered them a good pair and always encouraged them to get involved in PDA in public.

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They have maintained separate households and apartments, even being together for a while. The pair allegedly broke up in May. Being occupied with her career, on September 3, she revealed being named the 2019 Ambassador for McHappy Day in Australia. Adding to that, she mentioned looking forward to raising funds for charity.

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“I’m really looking forward to being in Sydney in November to help raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities.”

While Liam is still weeping from his breakup with Miley, shocked to see her move on so quickly with her new girlfriend, Kaitlyn Carter, with some major PDA, Holmes is planning to set up home with Liam’s sister-in-law Elsa Pataky.

The romance between Katie Holmes and Liam Hemsworth isn’t working despite the newly aired rumor. According to New Idea, Elsa Pataky is planning to set the two stars together following their respective split. However, these rumors turned out to be completely invalid, as well.