Kiefer Sutherland injures rib !!


British-Canadian Actor Kiefer Sutherland recently posted about his rib injury, on his Instagram page.   He has trouble breathing which makes it impossible to sing.

Kiefer is currently recovering from his injury. He had a bad fall in Europe causing a serious rib injury. The former ’24’ star, unfortunately, was not able to make it to a few shows in Denmark and Gothenburg. He stated in his post that “Sadly I slipped on the steps of the bus while traveling to Denmark and seriously injured a rib”.

Sutherland is an actor, voice actor, producer, director, and singer-songwriter. He got to fame for his role as Jack Bauer in a Fox drama series. Kiefer has been in the industry for almost 30 years now. He played various roles with so much versatility. The actor was critically acclaimed for most of his roles.

Sutherland could not perform at his last three concerts, which he deeply regrets. He also apologized for causing such a disappointment to the fans who have already bought the tickets, added that he would make up shows in September/October when he returns. According to the news, it says that he slipped on the bus stairs while traveling to Denmark for a performance.  In his post, he sent a message to his fans quoting “Thank you for understanding”.

It has been huge dismay to his fans who anticipated his presence in Europe. It is hoped that his concerts in September/December would be a relief to them.






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