Kendall Kylie Jenner Hold Hands and seen in Rock Sexy Skintight dress

The Jenners can pretty much rock in any dress. The popular celebrity sisters Kendall, 23 and Kylie Jenner 22, flaunted their skin-hugging outfit when they had dinner in CA. Kourtney Kardashian,40 joined them at dinner. The beautiful ladies hung out together at the Nice Guy Restaurant in West Hollywood, CA.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are not only from a famous family, but these women also made a mark for themselves in the industry. Kendall is a renowned model and media personality and Kylie being a businesswoman and a socialite.

What were they wearing?

They truly blew away everyone with their skin-tight black outfit and a mini dress. Kendall was the one wearing the black skin-tight catsuit showing off her incredibly toned body. Kylie Jenner was wearing the brown mini dress that appeared to be made out of satin.  The girls enjoyed a fantastic night and at one point Kendall and Kylie were holding hands.

Kourtney also had everyone amazed by her choice of fashion of similar colors. She wore a brown tank top and dark brown leather pants which fit her well and proved that despite being the oldest KarJenner she can still rock any trend.

This latest dinner has to be one of the outings they go once in many times in their busy schedule this summer. Both Kourtney and Kendall just returned from a trip they took in Idaho. Kylie came back from her ultimate birthday celebration on a yacht in Italy. Well, we can without any doubt say that the KarJens have been partying hard this vacation.

Fashion icons!!!

Like always, it feels great to be seeing the sisters wearing surprising outfits. They become the trendsetters giving us fabulous fashion ideas.  It can be said that these fashion icons are having fun enjoying each others’ company.