“Kelly Ripa” Claps Back at TROLL by Fan’s Calling Husband “Mark Consuelos” ‘DADDY IS CREEPY’

The Riverdale actor received praise from his wife to be the sexiest man on the planet. To which she captioned referring to her husband as “daddy,” which invited a negative response, to which Kelly had a fantastic comeback. And also received significant support.

Ripa posted a picture of her husband, the Riverdale actor Mark in a black jacket, and he looks stunning. She captioned it, “the sexiest man alive year after year..” To which, a fan commented, “I love Mark and jelly, but it creeps me out when she calls him daddy.”

"Kelly Ripa" Claps Back at TROLL by Fan's Calling Husband "Mark Consuelos" ‘DADDY IS CREEPY'

It is evident that “jelly” was a typo and not a nickname. He kept out of love for her. But Kelly retaliated without really thinking through it, “It creeps me out when you call me Jelly,” she wrote. This comment got 770 likes on Instagram.

Of course, undoubtedly, everyone reacted. Many famous Instagram personalities had commented on the post. “Daddy looks great,” Anderson Cooper (CNN) had said to the job.

"Kelly Ripa" Claps Back at TROLL by Fan's Calling Husband "Mark Consuelos" ‘DADDY IS CREEPY'

“DADDY!!!” real housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rhina wrote. However, it is incredible the couple managed to stay in love after 22 years and long distant jobs. One of the many reasons why the couple has a healthy relationship is because of their love for their kids; it’s remarkable. Their close friend, once in an interview, said that “they are following more and more in love by being parents to three beautiful children.

Kelly and Mark are proud parents to two boys, Michael 21, Joaquin 15, and a pretty daughter, Lola 17. Kelly was looking forward to adding a child to this list, but it didn’t seem to work out. It is understandable that the pet name “daddy” is influenced by what her children call her husband. It’s a common one too, perhaps unwanted opinions in unneeded place fire right back at you!