Kaitlyn’s comment on Miley’s picture has got fans gushing all over

Kaitlyn Carter’s comment on Miley’s recent Instagram post makes the fans go crazy. Miley and Kaitlyn have been hanging out a lot ever since the MiLiam split.

Miley Cyrus married her long-time boyfriend on 23 December 2018. After a few months, the couple was rumored to be split up.   Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced their split in August this year, Miley and Kaitlyn were snapped making out in Italy. The pictures went viral on the Internet.

What did Miley post on Instagram??

Kaitlyn Carter, the ex-wife of Brody Jenner, is going out with the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer. Miley recently posted a braless picture of herself on Instagram. Though the picture failed to catch many eyes, Kaitlyn’s comment did.

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Kaitlyn Carter commented on Miley’s picture, and she wrote, “Dear God.” This comment attracted many people on the Internet, especially Miley’s fans.

What were the Netizens comments????

Many people commented back positively. One person wrote claimed them as the ‘Power Couple.’ While another person said, “Please treat Miley good. You make her very happy.”

One more user stated, “You are so lucky that you have got Miley as your love.”

The comment section was pinging with messages from so many people. Kaitlyn Carter’s comment tells everyone how much she adores Miley. The pictures of Miley and Kaitlyn together shows very well that they are more than enjoying each others’ company.

Even though the MiLiam split has made many fans sad, the union of Kaitlyn and Miley are welcomed and adored by fans. The duo is going out a lot and seems happy together.

Miley Cyrus has always been the one to be bold. She never backs out from anything. The singer’s fans are now beyond happy that Miley is finally with someone that makes her feel comfortable and adored. Let’s hope that this newfound relationship ends well.