Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin said “I Do” to each other today.

Yesterday we got to see the photos of the hotel that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have booked for their wedding. They also arranged a rehearsal dinner at the hotel itself. Today both Justin and Hailey tied their knots, took their vows, and married each other.
Justin shared some of the wedding photos, and they both looked stunning as hell. One photo was taken when both of them were kissing each other. In the second, the book looked casual and happily posing for the lens.

Justin always goes nostalgic when it comes to her better half, Hailey. Just a few days ago, Justin also shared a photo regarding Hailey, which was clicked in the year 2014. They both looked smart and young in the picture. Justin and Hailey started dating each other in the year 2014. They both got separated in different ways until last year, they both came close, and now they are married to each other.

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For the ceremony, the guest list included Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette and Hailey’s parents, Stephen and Kennya Baldwin. The couple is all set to re-live their vows once again in a religious ceremony tomorrow at larger of the hotel’s two chapels. The chapel allows the seating up to 185 people.

Hailey and Justin never leave a chance to upload photos and share affectionate love towards each other. Justin also shared some inside pictures of his marriage location. Kendall Jenner and Katy Perry are some of the names of the celebrity that are going to attend the wedding. We wish them a happy marriage and pray to God that they live happily ever after.

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