Jennifer Aniston house called 911!!? Here’s Why.

A piece of news from the 90s hit sitcom ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ star Jennifer Aniston house. Sources say that several calls have been made to 911 from Jennifer Aniston’s home in Los Angeles the request involved a domestic violence incident.


The incident is not new. It dated back in April 2018. Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston got separated, last year in 2018. The couple, who was married for the two years, announced their separation in February that year.

According to the reports, the call took place on 18th April 2010. The disturbing calls were about the alleged domestic violence. The request was made from the house of Jennifer, situated in California.


Reports say that a female suspect wearing “no clothing” was in the present in Aniston’s Bel-Air home garage and threatening a male victim with a possible knife. The time was around at 2:49 a.m. The Police found “no evidence of trouble” as when they arrived then the report adds that the people involved in the incident weren’t identified. That means either the identity is undirected or undefined or it is being hidden out by the Media.

This takes around when we get closer to the picture. Jennifer went to Jimmy Kimmel’s son’s birthday party. She was spotted wearing an arm brace on her left wrist. Another caller called on March 3. Drugs being distributed and whatnot at the Garage, according to the source. Not having the search warrant prevented the cops from entering the facility.

“A silent panic alarm was activated from the master bedroom at Jen’s home on two separate occasions just three days apart in October 2017. The first one went off at 11:15 pm whereas the second alarm went off after 1 p.m,” the recorded details showcased another happening.
We don’t know what it was or where did it came from, but we do know that something, other than prank might be having seen here. ‘Friends’ last aired on 6th May 2004 and after two weeks from today, the 25th Anniversary is going to come of the sitcom.