Jennifer Aniston draws flak for the new sultry cover shoot.

Jennifer Aniston draws flak for the new sultry cover shoot (reissuing)

FRIENDS famed star Jennifer Aniston was drawing fan fury over a recent series of cover shoots she has done for men’s magazine in Las Vegas on September 8.

The 50-year-old beauty just proved that age is only a number. While posing for the cover shot of the “Instyle,” she gave many poses and looked amazingly mesmerizing in each one of them.

credits: Zee news


The real trouble started when fans checked Aniston’s pictures of the cover shoot on Instyle’s Instagram account. The Fans were quick to notice how her skin tone had been drastically altered to give her a sultry look.

credits: InStyle

According to the, a follower wrote that “Beautiful cover, but why is she ten shades darker than she is?”

credits: Instyle

The cover shoot was meant for the five different editions of the October issue of “InStyle.” The issue also runs an exclusive interview of the star.

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