Is “Kylie Jenner” dating Canadian singer “Drake” As Per Rumors ?

Its time we go Sherlock Holmes on Kylie Jenner’s love life, there is a juicy gossip for us, Jenner and Drake are suspected to be dating, as everybody knows Drake and Kylie have been friends for a long time, and he is very close to the Kardashians.

Although Travis and Jenner dated for a while and split, sources say that they got back together and are living together.

Is "Kylie Jenner" dating Canadian singer "Drake" As Per Rumors ?
Kylie flew to Houston and sent him flowers to which he posted the picture and captioned, “Love you, that I do.” Travis’s reaction to this love affair is applaudable; he appears to be chill. (playing it cool I guess)

Rumors about the singer Drake and Kylie have started going around increasingly now because they seem to hang out more often now; they’re seen mostly together. She attended Drakes 33rd birthday party and then his Halloween party. In both the occasions they both couldn’t be apart from each other (apparently)

Although a reliable source told that “Kylie and Drake’s friendship did take a romantic turn recently. They’ve been looking at each other romantically. He also showed up at Kendall Jenner’s birthday party” the insider continued, “Drake is notorious for flirting with all his girlfriends, and she also said that Kylie and Drake had a great dynamic.”

Drake and Travis are also good pals (in the past of course, after this rumor I really can’t guess) they have collaborated before, and Scott and Drake are pretty good friends, a source also said that “Travis would feel betrayed if anything romantic happened between the two”.understandable too.

Is "Kylie Jenner" dating Canadian singer "Drake" As Per Rumors ?

Although we must keep in mind that things between Drake and Kylie are not official. Yet, so Travis isn’t taking matters into his head. According to Kylie and Travis, their priority is the storm, the adorable daughter.