Is “Eminem is all about dreaming Lord Jamar” True?

Rapper Way Frank under arrest after 7 months on the run. Faces 14 legal charges Well, well, well, did we just hear that “Eminem is all about dreaming Lord Jamar”? That’s not new news, for the world of outrageous controversial Hip-Hop, especially the grouse between the two famous rappers. The never-ending battles of throwing shades between Eminem and Lord Jamar for sometimes can make anyone loses the count. Ugh! Maybe round 8. Who Knows?

Slim shady gifted himself with the fresh controversies as he grouses on the Lord, at the stage of Abu Dhabi. With slick responses of attacks to the diss of Eminem, on Em’s collaboration with Joyner Lucas, “What If I Was Gay.”

Is "Eminem is all about dreaming Lord Jamar" True?

 “So first, he’s dreaming about me, number one. It’s a little weird. Why are you dreaming about me? Maybe we have the answer to that, because a leak just came out of a song with him and Joyner Lucas, talking about ‘What If I Was Gay’,” he continued,

“Now, he’s dreaming about men, so maybe. Now here’s the thing. My analogy of who this guy is because people keep saying ‘oh he can rap good, Yada Yada.’ They keep focusing on that. Eminem is like that white girl that f*cks with black dudes. Hangs out with black dudes and has daddy issues. In his case, he’s got mommy issues. Is on drugs. Her claim to fame is that she sucks d*ck real good.” Okay! Let’s see who takes the crown for the ‘war of words’.