Fast &Furious 9: Vin Diesel REVEALS shooting an intense scene with John Cena

The speedy action franchise is about to release its ninth movie. One of the most anticipated movies of next year, Fast & Furious 9 is scheduled to be released on 10th April 2020. Ever since 2001, the Fast & Furious movies have always kept us at the edge with its swift story and exciting cast members. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were introduced as the lead cast members in the first movie. These movies made us experience the street racing culture and channeled a racer’s spirit.    c         j

While the ninth movie is currently shooting at various locations, the cast is sure as well having a blast. Actor and former wrestling champion John Cena was officially cast in the movie in June 2019.

It has been almost two and half months ever since the shooting began. The movie is shot at diverse locations like Thailand, Los Angelas, and certain parts of Europe. The movie has an ensemble of cast members including old-timers Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Nathalie Emmanuel, Helen Mirren, and Charlize Theron.

Vin Diesel about John Cena!!!

Vin Diesel on his Instagram shared a video on his working experience with John Cena. The video shows the actor on the sets of Fast & Furious 9. He excitedly talked about his co-star Cena and how he is killin’ his role. Diesel exclaimed that Cena ‘s performance would blow our minds away. He stated: “I’m doing an intense scene today with John Cena, who is killing his character. He’s gonna blow you away when you see him in Fast,”. He added: “I’m only halfway through production and I’m just grateful today as I was when we started filming,.”

John Cena ‘s role is still kept a secret by the production company. Now, we know that this mystery role will leave us jaw-dropping.