Disney CEO Bob Iger thanks Sony for Ending Spiderman feed.

For Ending the Spiderman fiasco, the Disney CEO Bob Iger is thankful to Sony. A few weeks ago, news broke out that Sony company is taking back the Spiderman from the MCU after Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney failed to reach a new deal with Sony. Recently the collection of Spiderman: Far from home came out, and it was a shock for everyone as it was the highest-grossing movie of Sony.

As days went by, many moved on and came to terms with the idea of Peter Parker no longer interacting with the Avengers, but last night, things changed after it was announced that an agreement had been made.

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This unexpected development made every MCU fan extremely happy. For a long time, everyone thought that there was not a single hope that thatnandould agree on a new deal. But there is something unexpected, far away from everyone’s eyes positive news is coming for every MCU fan. The majority of those investedĀ in Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is in the MCU, the House of Mouse CEO Iger was also thrilled with this renewed partnership.

The Disney CEO Bob Iger took his Twitter and expressed his gratitude to Sony for ending the Spiderman feud. He left good news for every fan as he confirmed that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is going to co-produce the third solo Spiderman movie. Fans filled the comment section with love and happiness after getting this news.

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But no one can guarantee how long spiderman is going to stay in MCU. On top of co-producing his next solo outing, Spider-Man is only contracted to appear in just one more film in the established franchise. Things are unclear after this new deal is done as the complete terms of the agreement isn’t divulged to the public.