Christopher Nolan shoots action scene in India with a lot of new things

Christopher Nolan shoots action scenes. ‘Inception’ director Christopher Nolan is currently in Mumbai, India for his upcoming movie ‘Tenet’ starring Robert Pattinson.

Nolan is in Mumbai on his 10-day schedule for his next thriller. The crew shot a few scenes in South Mumbai near  Gateway of India.

Recently, Nolan was spotted shooting a scene in a high rise building in Mumbai. A new video with a glimpse of the shooting spot of the movie ‘Tenet’ has just hit the Internet.

The video seems to be shot by an onlooker. Though the location is not revealed, the onlooker who posted it wrote that it is from the sets of ‘Tenet.’

From the video, we can tell that the video was shot from a residential building. The user says that the whole spot was flooded with light. He wrote in captions,” #christophernolan has taken over our neighborhood…Floodlit buildings and #stuntshoot for movie #tenet #whatefun”.

What was in the video??

The video shows a man with a safety harness jumping off the building, followed by a cameraman just behind him. The video was shot on Tuesday. Though it is not clear who the falling person is. Many netizens are guessing is Robert Pattinson, or it could also be his stunt double.

The whole team of Tenet is here in Mumbai. The director of the movie Christopher Nolan and cast members including Robert Pattinson and John David Washington landed in Mumbai on September 14. The film was shot at the Colaba Causeway market, Royal Bombay Yacht Club and near Gateway of India in Mumbai. The movie also stars Indian actress Dimple Kapadia. The pictures of the actors surfaced online a while ago.

Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas produce tenet. The other cast members include Elizabeth Debicki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Clemence Poesy, Michael Caine, Kenneth Branagh, and Himesh Patel.



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