Chris Brown checks 50 Cent; No disrespect will be tolerated against Michael Jackson

Although Fifty suggests Chris Brown as a more celebrated star than MJ but being a massive fan of MJ, Chris himself disagrees to the comment. In 2010, Chis Brown broke down crying while contributing MJ at the BET Awards. The ‘No Guidance’ singer isn’t ready to accept any disrespectful remarks against the King of Pop on Saturday.

Urban Islandz

A fire triggered from the latest Instagram post of the G-Unit rapper that says, Breezy as greater than Michael Jackson. With five living legends, titles and 39 Guinness World Records MJ is a true King of Pop, and none can deny that.
Along with the status claims some molestation allegations about Jackson which earned his bad rapport in social media. However, some fans did agree to the allegations against the late pop king, but the vast majority shout out against this.

Press Reality

Staunch supporters of MJ dragged Chris Brown’s name to mud as a reaction to his comment, which was pretty obvious after his social comment on his IG story. Even R&B crooner reminded 50 cents and his fans that MJ sold over 1 billion records and received over 800 awards over his illustrious and decorated career. Rappers, including Waka Flocka Flame, responded to the post while checking Fifty about the comments. Chris names MJ as one of his inspirations and his action of gracefully conceding the title of greatest of all time.

Press Reality

50 cents was trolling, but added comments about Jackson, definitely tipped fans over the edge. Since Fif has been getting hammered daily for remixing classic power theme song with Trey Songz, it could have been used as desperation to change the subject.
However, Brown himself taking time out and search for MJ’s achievements made him score some good points.
Truth is no matter what you should never allegedly comment over the greatest stars, who has been a legend and the base of Pop Culture in the World. It won’t be tolerated by any, including the fans. This incident is an evident story of the above statement!