Caity Lotz imitated Salmon Ladder Workout from Arrow Season 1

There is no denying to the fact that the Salmon ladder workout from Arrow is an iconic prop. Not just it requires an immense amount of strength but also needs quick reflex to actually perform the workout. It can even cause serious injury if performed without caution and guidance.


It’s been said that the CW series will bring the exact same prop but this time the dancer-turned-actress, Caity Lotz would show her charisma. Caity loves training with his salmon ladder on Arrow. She debuted in Arrowverse in Arrow Season 2. The stunt team on her back is encouraging her with proper diet, and her excitement attributed her character of being a true alter-ego White Canary, Sara Lance from Arrow.

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The intense workout was featured in the first season of Arrow. It was once done by Stephen Amell in the first season, and the same training is being imitated by Caity for the upcoming season. The ladder workout is called to be a happy accident by Stephen himself since it was initiated while his workout in the Tempest Freerunning, out in the valley. He expressed his happiness for having it back in the upcoming season. He has been so intimidated by this workout ladder that at the Television Critics Association press, he teased,

“I’m taking it; I need one in my backyard to stay in shape.”

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The real-life workout has been turned into an amazing action booster on the reels. Caity’s tweet on the workout of Sara is a clear indication of her coming out with a stronger image of the character. The training scenes from Arrow reveals a hell more of what we got to see in the Season finale. The Arrow will be back with its finale on Tuesday, 15th October. The star from Legends of Tomorrow, Caity Lotz would eventually emerge out with her directorial skills as Arrow seasons will be climaxed with this upcoming finale. For new updates, stay tuned!