Brad Pitt is dating someone!?

Brad Pitt is dating somebody. Yeah, you read it right. It is being rumored that Brad Pitt is with Sat Hari Khalsa. After the separation of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, it was a topic that who is Brad with. Now it is all sourced and mixed up everywhere. Presently Brad is believed to have a new lady love in his life. If we get on with the sources, Brad Pitt has found love in Sat Hari Khalsa. The beautiful lady is a jewelry designer. She is a holistic healer too by her profession.

And if we give some time thinking towards it, we come to know that they both are related to each other in the past. It all goes in October 2018. Brad was associated with Khalsa and Neri Oxman.
Oxman said it clearly that she is not dating Brad. So all eyes were at Khalsa. They were also spotted at Silverlake Conservatory of Music Gala, hosted by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea. Almost a year since the spotting, a report suggests that the actor and the designer are together.


“She is earthy and powerful. She has a beautiful mind which has attracted Brad to Khalsa. The outlet notes that the actor is not serious just yet. He isn’t in that mindset, but Sat is very special to the star, and he enjoys spending time with her,” a source told about the couple’s relationship.

The last two films of Brad has been critically acclaimed worldwide. ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ and ‘Ad Astra’ both are well-being films of the actor. They both have made a great sale also at the workplace in theatres. Now it will be very much enjoyable if the news is real enough. We hope for the best for the two of them.