Aaron Carter says he’s moving to Nova Scotia after buying an island

On Saturday, while on a trip to Canada, Aaron Carter claimed to fans on having a new house, up north in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Although Carter seemed to deliver pretty genuine excitement about his upcoming homeland, not everyone really believes in this. Yet the singer does keep posting photos, which are supposedly his new home. On social media rant, he was showered with multiple tweets from his fans online, who is quite doubtful on his move to Nova Scotia. Some even questioned whether he actually purchased a home there.

I’ve got $100 riding on you keeping this Canada thing up for another 48 hours. Don’t let me down Aaron,” one fan tweeted.

“I’m pretty sure he’s pranking,” another wrote.


After hours of defending himself, however, Carter adamantly backed up his claims stating that he is embarking on a new life in Canada pretty soon. And to back up his statement, Carter finally revealed his alleged home saying that he already has put a down payment over a private island located in Halifax, known as Kaulbach Island of $1.5 million. Kaulbach Island is 57 acres with an 11,000 sq ft main inbuilt house. It was on sale in the market for quite some time, where the price of $4,132,528 had been reduced recently, as per the realty listing for the island.

Carter is evidently going through a troubled time, yet the welcoming Canadians, as usual, extended their love and affection to the Great White North.

“Wishing you all the best. Welcome to Canada 🇨🇦 ♥️,” Someone tweeted.

Someone else wrote, “Welcome to Canada handsome.”

The Blast

He recognized the accumulation of a huge audience of people following his downward spiral and mentioned the unpredictability of situations since many eyes are on him.

“Hundreds of millions are watching now, and you never know what’s gonna happen next.”

No, it’s about time fans will find out if the new home is the real deal or he is just building his fantasy house in his own dreams.